Jiangsu sosoon went abroad for exchanging ideology and studying


Jiangsu sosoon attended the international green seminar in penang, Malaysia and the international environment expo (IFAT) in India in September and October.Since 2013, jiangsu sosoon has been seeking development opportunities in foreign markets and has established long-term, stable and positive cooperative relations with customers in many countries.

The penang international green symposium and exhibition 2019 (PGIGCE), organized by penang green institute, will be held at 10 am on September 27, 2019 in the plaza of the gurnebelle palace. There will be about 69 exhibition booths, and many exhibitors and audiences will attend it.



First held at eight years ago, penang international green conference is now in its ninth year. This year's theme is "green smart city penang". Penang green institute hopes that through this expo, penang green smart city will have a plan to improve people's living quality and awareness of environmental protection


Jiangsu sosoon environmental engineering co., Ltd was invited to participate in the exhibition. General manager wu chongmin and overseas marketing director has exchanged experience with clients and introduced the company's related products and advanced technology. This exhibition is a very important platform for jiangsu sosoon into the Malaysian market.

The 8th IFAT INDIA international environmental expo will be held in mumbai exhibition center from October 16 to 18, 2019. The annual event is organized by the messe Munich , which is the world's largest professional water treatment, environmental protection, waste disposal and new energy fair -IFAT Munich. This exhibition provides an excellent trading opportunity and the best trading platform for various buyers from all over the world.


The exhibition area of this exhibition increased by 35.8% compared with 2018. All most of 242 enterprises from 25 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, among which jiangsu sosoon environmental engineering co., ltd. was also invited to participate.


At present, sosoon to the overseas market products are: HDPE drainage system, it is mainly composed of HDPE pipe and pipe fittings, suitable for building and daily sewage, waste water discharge, we use HDPE materials produced in the market the best plastic pipe, connection simple, safe, excellent sealing. Siphon roof drainage system, which belongs to the high-efficiency drainage scheme, is mainly based on the negative pressure generated by the natural flow of water in the pipeline, and is suitable for all kinds of roof drainage of steel structure buildings and ordinary buildings. Linear drain system, it is mainly used for surface water collection, import the water drainage pipe network, the groove body is special use HDPE materials, materials used are: flat HDPE, polymer nanocomposites, nylon glass fiber, galvanized steel, stainless steel and nodular cast iron, can satisfy the bearing requirements of EN1433 standard six grades, suitable for city and village square, landscape green space, building flat. MBR sewage waste water treatment system, mainly used in municipal sewage waste water treatment system, MBR is recognized as the most advanced sewage treatment and sewage resource technology, it is the membrane separation technology ultrafiltration, micro filter or nano filter membrane components and sewage biological heavy biological responder mutual combination and the formation of a new treatment system.

So far, we have offices in 15 major cities across the country, and we are always working closely with India, Philippines and Malaysia. We are always committed to the new water system research and development, design, production, technical consulting, construction, installation and after-sales service, in order to bring better experience for customers.


The two foreign exchanges fully demonstrated that jiangsu sosoon keeps pace with The Times, constantly exchanges with the new technology at homeland and abroad, seeking innovation and breakthrough spirit.