Jiangsu sosoon’s official visit our partner and 2018 IFAT in Europe

In May 2018, jiangsu sosoon, together with the person in charge of Jilin province's sponge city, was invited to visit 3P of Germany to promote the development of Jilin sponge city and seek new ideas. This trip was led by Wu Chongmin, the general manager of sosoon, and it was a 12-day trip of observation and exchange.

DIBt is the abbreviation of the German Institute of Building Technology. It was founded in 1951 and is the authority for the certification of building engineering technology and building products in Germany and Europe. At the headquarters of DIBt in Germany, the two parties exchanged views on the German regulations on rainwater and waste water treatment and the functions of DIBt as the building technology agency of the German federal government.

The IFAT story is one of staggering success. It began in Munich in 1966 and now encompasses the entire world. Visitor numbers have increased from a starting figure of 10,200 to over 142,000 today. More than 3,300 exhibitors from across the globe cover the full range of professions in the water, sewage, waste and raw materials industry.

At the 20th IFAT in 2018, sosoon observed the HST pollution control, internal source control technology, etc., and it realized that the urban rainwater management system and intelligent water management will be the trend of future development.

The 3P of Germany is one of the cooperative companies of sosoon. It was established in 1993, with the headquarters located in Donzdorf, south Germany, and is the leader in the research and development of rainwater cleaning system as well as among the manufacturers. Meanwhile, sosoon is the exclusive agent of 3P in China. Since the cooperation in 2013, both parties have adhered to the spirit of "stability, durability, efficiency and quality" and maintained a deep and long-term cooperative partnership. 

As the inviting party of this trip, 3P not only held a warm welcome dinner, but also showed the practical function of 3p processor application project in the famous Zurich lake renovation project. According to investigation, the 3P product can treat road surface rainwater up to the European standard to discharge directly into the lake.

This trip demonstrates that sosoon actively introduces and learns foreign advanced development technology and development experience under the condition of closely combining domestic development, so as to achieve steady development. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We sosoon has always maintained a unified pace with the world's cutting-edge water treatment technology!