Our Projects
With 15 years of industry experience, sosoon has provided more than 5,000 drainage system engineering solutions for a wide range of construction projects.
Pune Residential Area, India
Wuhan Railway Station
Taizhou Railway Station
Suzhou Shangri-La Hotel
Shanghai Railway Station
Expo Center of Shagnhai World Expo
Shanghai Lishui Xinting Residential Building
Guocui City of Jining, Shandong
Nanjing Railway Station
Nanjing International Exhibition Center
Fuzhou Wanda
African Union Conference Center and Office Complex (AUCC)
Fuzhou South Railway Station
Nanjing Lukou International Airport
Nanchang Changbei International Airport of Jiangxi
Nanjing Jinling Library
Hubei Art Center
Yancheng International Exhibition Center
China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation Limited
Jiangnan Heavy Industry Shipbuilding Base of Shagnahi